Cooking in College

with Lauren Cole



My name is Lauren Cole, Im a Business Marketing student at Southern New Hampshire University. This website is dedicated to my obsession with cooking and baking, but trust me Im no chef/baker, and almost everything I create is with sweat and tears. This hobby all started this year (my Junior year) during college. I am living in an on-campus appartment which means my own kitchen that I have too cook and clean in. I started to save videos and recipes from social media sites and soon attempted to create them. It was very challenging at first, but always rewarding in the end. I now bake cakes for my friends and familie's birthdays.

On this website theres recipes for appetizers, meals, and desserts. Theres also a lifestyle page since cooking while bieng a full time student tends to effect your lifestyle a bit, as well as how to stay healthy. I will also post photos of food that I've tried from different places around the country/world!